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Superior In-Class and On-Line Diploma Preparation Courses for Students in Alberta


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Q: What is an iPrep Plus Study Notes package?

An iPrep Plus Study Notes package is comprised of two components – an electronic resource that reviews all course concepts and video support to address tough topics in the subject area.

Q: What is the advantage of the iPrep Plus Study Notes package?

The iPrep Plus Study Notes package of approximately 50-150 pages, allows you to use the review notes and apply the tips and strategies to your home studies. The Video Support enables you to study and overcome some of the most common and challenging concepts. The information and material can be used all year to help you prepare for class quizzes, unit tests, and written assignments.

Q: Are the Study Notes packages only for the Alberta curriculum?

Although the Study Notes packages address the Alberta curriculum, the subject concepts are applicable all over the world! For example, writing a personal response essay is a common curricular requirement in English courses throughout the world, not just in Alberta.

Q: How do I access my Study Notes package?

Once you have completed your registration, directions are provided to you for downloading your Study Notes package. CAUTION: Once you open your electronic Study Notes Package, you MUST ‘SAVE’ it to your computer to access it for either download or print in the future. If after saving the document you are still experiencing difficulty in printing or downloading the Study Notes package, contact a Sequel Solutions representative for assistance ( or 780-970-1946).

Q: How can I download the electronic Study Notes package to my Apple device?

Click here for the steps to add to your device while browsing the site on your iPad. Click here for the steps to add the Study Notes package to your device through iTunes.

Q: Where do I get my receipt?

You print your receipt by going to Login, Order History, and Print.

Q: How many times can I use the Study Notes package – especially the videos?

For approximately the price of one hour of traditional tutoring, you have IMMEDIATE and UNLIMITED personal access to the electronic resource and support videos for the subject that you choose! Use them as many times as you wish to develop a clear understanding of the topic or to master any concept.

Q: Can I print my electronic resource?

Yes, you may print one copy for your personal use. Please remember the Study Notes package is protected by copyright and you must abide by the Terms of Use which you have agreed to prior to making your purchase.

Q: Why does the tough topic video look “jerky” or “choppy”?

The buffering or smoothness of the video is always contingent upon:
  • the strength of your Internet connection
  • the processing speed of the device you are using to watch the video
  • the amount of memory available on the device you are using

Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy?

There is no cancellation or refund once your order is completed, as you have immediate access to the Electronic Study Notes and Video Support.

Q: How do the iPrep Study Notes differ from the complimentary Instructor’s Study Notes provided with the DIPLOMAX In-class registration and Online VIDEO REVIEW purchase?

The iPrep Study Notes and the DIPOMAX In-Class and On-Line Video Review resources have been developed by some of the same instructors. Consequently, some of the wording may appear to be similar. However, there are stark differences between the resources as they are intended to address different student needs.
  • The DIPLOMAX In-Class and On-Line Video Review resources are integral to the instruction provided during the session or when using the Video Review format. Examples, practice questions, and graphics used to explain and clarify key concepts referred to by the instructor during the review are contained in the resources for easy student reference. The DIPLOMAX In-Class and On-Line resources support a guided review of the subject provided by a face-to-face or video instructor.
  • The iPrep Plus resources contain a number of different features that make them ideal for year-long use at home to support classroom learning. In addition to addressing all course curriculum, the resources use colour-coding to highlight key concepts, thus providing students with hints, reminders and issues to be aware of. Ten videos, each approximately 8-12 minutes in length, focus on the ‘tough topics’ in each subject. The videos can be viewed as many times as necessary to clarify understanding. The iPrep resources are designed to be a self-paced, independent review, and support year-long classroom instruction.